Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mexico Mission Trip

Let me begin by praising God for the two souls that were saved this past Sunday and the Awesome Spirit that was present in the house of God!  It is amazing what God is able to do if we will simply get out of the way and let Him be God!

We had an awesome time in Mexico! God truly blessed as we saw many souls that were saved, and had the privilege of praying for people and even seeing people healed through the power of prayer. God is Good!

I would like you all to pray for our brothers and sisters in Mexico and those who are ministering in Mexico. Especially pray for Pastor Hector as he is ministering to those who have been deported from the US with only the clothes on their backs and papers in their pockets. They have no money, no jobs, no place to go. Pastor Hector welcomes them in: clothes them, feeds them, gives them a place to sleep, and introduces them to Jesus!  He is a remarkable man who is going a remarkable work for God.

Also, pray for Clay and Angie, who head up UTRI, taking people into Mexico to do the work of the Lord. Pray for direction for their ministry and pray that God will open up doors of mercy upon the work they are doing.

God Bless,
Pastor Chris

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