Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Power of Prayer & A Prayer Request

Praising God this morning for Cat, who made a profession of her faith and is going to be baptized this coming Sunday at Living Waters!

Prayer:  I was approached by a group of Christian businessmen who have an 8000 square foot building that they are making available for us to use, if it will serve our ministry purposes.  Please pray that we will make a wise decision in this matter.  The great news, NO RENT!!!!!

I spoke last Sunday on the power of prayer and the ability it has to change our lives, situations, relationships...well, everything!  If we are going to experience God's answer and the life He has for us, we must come to Him in prayer.
When we come:
1)Come without sin
2)Come without anger
3)Come without disagreement with those we are expected to agree with

Could this be why our prayer life suffers?  Could this be why we are not living the abundant life?  God wants us to come to Him!  After all, He is our Father, and He only wants what is best in our lives!

God Bless,
Pastor Chris

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