Monday, June 1, 2009

The Building Block of Sound Doctrine

First of all...Praise God for our 2 new sisters at Living Waters Church!

Yesterday, I began a series on Building a Growing Church, and stressed the need for us to be committed to sound doctrine.

When your life is committed to, and in touch with the Word of God, several good things come about:
1) Love from a pure heart ~ this will enable you to do what is best for the other person, regardless of what it may cost you, and even without receiving anything in return.
2) A good conscience - we live in a time when our inborn sense of right and wrong has been perverted (Jn. 16:2).  If you spend time in the Word of God, you will not be faced with so many gray areas, but instead will be able to correctly identify what is right and what is wrong.
3) Sincere faith - This allows you to know that you know that you know that you are a child of God!  There will be no doubting because you will understand that God's Word teaches when you are in the hand of your Father, you are safe and secure!

There is NO substitute for the Word of God being preached and taught in our churches.  If you will fill your life with God's Word, you will grow, and when the storms of life come, you will be able to stay the course and achieve your goals for God's Kingdom!

God Bless,
Pastor Chris

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